Dust Collection System From Bomaksan To Kenya

Bomaksandan Kenyaya Toz Toplama Sistemi

Dust Collection System From Bomaksan To Kenya

The choice of dust collection system for the new BATTERY assembly line investments of the Kenya battery manufacturer Related Battery Manufacturers (ABM) was BOMAKSAN. The system, which was carried out by outputting 7 containers of material during the pandemic process and successfully commissioned with complete remote assembly supervision, works successfully.

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ABM was founded in 1963 by the UK-based Chloride Group to manufacture batteries for a number of British heads in Kenya, including Chloride, Oldham, Lucas and Dunlop. Currently recovering more than 12,000 metric tons of lead metal, more than 1,000,000 batteries and solar panels with an annual capacity of more than 8,400 kilowatts have a combined workforce of more than 700 employees.

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