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Plasma, Laser, or Oxygen cutting methods are generally named Thermal Cutting Technology. Thermal Cutting Technology is not a very new technology. However, the increasing competition conditions in recent years have led producers to faster and more economical production technologies. Thermal cutting technology, which is especially used in metal cutting, has been the choice of many companies operating in the metal processing industry.

Although oxygen cutting is the oldest and most common cutting type, interest in Plasma and Laser cutting methods have started to increase in recent years. Thanks to these technologies that can cut at high speed and accuracy, these cutting methods are rapidly increasing their popularity today.


The amount and density of fume released from Oxygen, Plasma, or Laser metal cutting, the cutting speed, the thickness of the cut sheet, the material of the cut sheet, the power of the generator used for cutting, etc. It depends on many factors. The fume released is primarily caused by the oxidization of the cut base metal during cutting. The intensity of the dust and fume to be sucked depends on the consumable material used as well as the metal oxide and whether there is any coating on the surface of the metal being cut. Most of this fume and particles that are released during metal cutting are very harmful to human health.
CNC Lazer ve Plazma Kesimi Emiş Sistemleri

In this regard, the American Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OSHA) is generally taken as a basis. OSHA has conducted extensive research on this subject and has determined that smoke and dust particles released during the cutting of alloyed metals are carcinogenic. These carcinogenic substances must be disposed of in the most efficient way from the people’s worksite. Published by OSHA on this subject, Max. Exposure limits are given in below table.

Revealed during cutting

General pollutant

Allowable max. Exposed

Stay Limit (mg / Nm³)

Aluminum Oxide


Iron Oxide


Chromium (III)


Copper (Smoke)


Magnesium Oxide (Smoke)




Nickel (element)




Particles released during thermal cutting (Oxygen, Plasma, and Laser Cutting) can be of various sizes. However, the size of the particles in the fume that is released is usually 1 micron, and fewer particles specified as submicron. More than half is 0.4 microns and less. Particles of 1 micron and below (especially 0.5 microns and below) can penetrate into the small unit of the lungs, the alveoli, if inhaled by humans, causing irreversible health problems.



It is almost impossible to catch the dust and fume released during oxygen, plasma and laser cutting from the top without spreading to the environment inside the factory. It is not possible to provide extraction from above due to both the cranes used in the factory and the uncontrolled air flows in the factory. For this reason, extraction is performed downward in almost all oxygen, plasma, and laser cutting benches on the market.

While the gas jet used in both plasma and laser cutting pushes most of the slag and the fumes produced under the material being cut, the cutting table, which covers the volume just below the material, is crucial to controlling and capturing these fumes. It is very easy to control the fume released when this volume is closed and to provide efficient suction. In order to calculate the required air volume to capture fumes in a certain closed volume, the power of the machine being cut, the thickness of the cut sheet, the size of the cutting table, etc. information is required. In light of this information, the flow rate required for oxygen cutting, plasma cutting, and laser cutting can be easily calculated by Bomaksan engineers.


Dust collection systems used for the extraction and filtration of fumes produced from thermal cutting are critical for the effective collection and filtration of submicron particles (less than 1 µm). ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) uses the Minimum Efficiency Rating Value (MERV) criterion to determine the filter efficiency and capacity of particles within a certain size range. Minimum MERV 15 filters should be used for the filtration of dust and fume released during the plasma, laser, and oxygen cutting process. In the filtration of highly harmful particles such as Chromium (Stainless Steel), Copper, and Manganese, a filter efficiency of MERV 16 and above is required.

Filter media (the area where dust and fume are kept in the dust extraction unit) plays a critical role in the efficient filtering of fumes released during the plasma, oxygen, and laser cutting. In processes where the filter media cannot be selected correctly, undesirable consequences such as frequent clogging of the filters, high electricity consumption, frequent interruptions in the cutting process may occur. Therefore, high-quality filter media must be used.

In addition to the filter media, a good Jet-Pulse dust collector should have a highly efficient cleaning system, easy maintenance, and universal spare parts. Bomaksan brand filter units are superior to other brands thanks to these superior features.

Bomaksan is the only Turkish company that performed an R&D project on the Jet-Pulse Cleaning system and took a grant from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.

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