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Bomaksan Industrial Air Filtration Systems was established in 1986 by Mechanical Engineers Öner Boysan and Saliha Boysan.

Innovative Sales Strategies

After achieving significant success in the field of mechanical contracting and installation in a short period of time, Mr. & Mrs. Boysan broke new ground in 1996 and started selling "boilers" on the busiest street of the city, under spotlights. Thanks to this innovative sales strategy, which was met with surprise at that time, it was able to sell more than 90% of the production capacity of the boiler manufacturer.

Moving to First Workshop

After 14 years of experience in Mechanical Installation Engineering and Projecting, Öner Bey and Saliha Hanım thought that it was time to produce and moved to the first workshop of 1.500 m². In this workshop, they were producing chimneys, ducts, aspirators, and air handling units.

From Workshop to Production Hall

When it came to 2002, Bomaksan could not fit into its small workshop of 1,500 square meters. For this reason, it has switched to a 3.000 m² workshop.

Establishment of Istanbul Branch

When we came to 2009, Bomaksan opened its Istanbul office and became a company that does not only serve regionally but also serves nationally.

2nd Generation is in Charge: General Manager is R. Bora Boysan

In 2017, the Boysan family made an important decision, and after 31 years, they decided to hand over the position of General Manager to R. Bora Boysan, a representative of the 2nd generation.

From Production Hall to Production Plant

Bomaksan, which started to grow rapidly as of 2017, increased its production capacity and quality by transforming its workshop into a 6,000 m² factory in 2018.

Expansion of the Management

Bomaksan expanded its management staff with 5 new professionals in 2020 in order to maintain its rapid growth and to provide different perspectives from professionals.

Moving to the New Plant

Bomaksan, which has become one of the leading companies of the sector by growing rapidly in the domestic and foreign markets, is moving to its new factory by increasing its production capacity by 4 times.


Always With You On Your Way Of Excellence

As Bomaksan, we are aware of your desire to do your job perfectly. Excellence means both producing the best quality product, meeting the quality and deadline expectations of your customers and even exceeding them, creating a healthy and safe working environment and producing without harming the environment.

This is why your investment in Dedusting Systems and Clean Air is actually a direct investment you make to perfect your business.

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You can leave your contact information for our Clean Air Experts to provide you with the best support.

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