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All in One Service for Die Casting Industry

Bomaksan provides All in One dust collector and fume extraction solutions for Metal Industry

Bomaksan Industrial Air Filtration Systems, one of the first companies to come to mind when it comes to Aluminum Die Casting fume extraction and filtration, is preferred by dozens of companies thanks to its more than 35 years of manufacturing and design experience. Bomaksan, with its expert engineers and technicians, provides you with technical specification preparation, manufacturing and assembly of filters during the establishment of Aluminum Press Injection Devices or the improvement of an existing dust collection system. Bomaksan is with you whenever you need it, thanks to its expert field teams in after-sales maintenance and usage support.

Aluminum Die Casting Fume Extraction and Filtration

During the Aluminum Die Casting Process, a dense fume is released that affects the working environment. These released fume and mist must be captured and filtered before they spread to the factory environment. This fume and mist should be collected through specially designed, fine workmanship seals and filtered with the help of electrostatic filters which have automatic cleaning function. Bomaksan engineers assist you in designing the most suitable filtration system for you in this special application, which is subject to the strict supervision of both the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Environment.

All filtration systems designed by Bomaksan engineers get full marks from the inspectors of the relevant ministries. In this way, you do not need to invest in your factory over and over again. The systems designed and implemented by people who are not experts in the work are not accepted by the ministry auditors and demand that the factory make this investment from the beginning. Bomaksan offers you the most suitable solution thanks to its engineers specialized in dust, smoke and vapor suction and filtration.

The most economical solutions in ventilation and dust collection techniques are properly designed systems. The most important issue in these systems is the accurate calculation of critical pressures and airflow rates by competent engineers. Bomaksan engineers work meticulously on the project designed for your factory to create the lowest possible airflow rates. Low airflow means low investment and maintenance costs.

Bomaksan offers the right solution for you with its experienced engineers and expert team. Bomaksan, aware of the fact that the cheap filter is not an economical filter, reveals the most economical solution for your factory.

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By contacting our Bomaksan Clean Air Experts, you can get detailed information about the issues you need to pay attention to in your “Aluminum Press Injection Fume Extraction System” investment.


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This is why your investment in Dedusting Systems and Clean Air is actually a direct investment you make to perfect your business.

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You can leave your contact information for our Clean Air Experts to provide you with the best support.

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