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III Problem

DALGAKIRAN Compressor, one of the leading companies of the Turkish and World compressor sector, had demands for the collection and filtering of dust, smoke and oil vapor released from the welding process, oxygen cutting process and CNC processing benches in the newly built Dilovası production facility without spreading to the environment and working environment. Believing in the importance of a dust-free and smoke-free production process for healthy and safe working environments and a sustainable world, DALGAKIRAN was looking for a company specialized in dedusting and filtration.

III Solution

As Bomaksan, we worked with TEMAS engineering firm, which has produced solutions for various installation and ventilation processes of DALGAKIRAN company in this project. Bomaksan provided support with special solutions in order to realize the project prepared by TEMAS Engineering and to provide solutions with long-lasting and efficient filter units.

AKROBAT PLUS acrobat arms, BKM model work tables and LINE model Jet-Pulse Compact Panel Filter Unit were used together for welding fume extraction and filtration. Dust and smoke collected with AKROBAT PLUS model acrobat arms and BKM model work tables were collected in LINE model filter unit with smoke carrying pipes. The air cleaned in LINE filter units with H13 class high filtration efficiency is returned to the working environment, resulting in serious heat savings, especially in winter.

Bomaksan engineers were asked for a new suction table in the Oxygen Cutting area, as their bench is old and not suitable for suction. The most important feature of this suction tray was that the oxygen cutting was specially designed for the harsh working environment and that it could provide high suction power even at low capacities thanks to its modular structure. By connecting a LINE model jet-pulse compact panel filter unit to this counter, high efficiency suction and filtration was achieved.

On the other hand, a mixed solution was offered in CNC lathes and processing benches due to the settlement conditions. Groupable benches were grouped to YBF model filter units, and non-groupable benches were individually connected to YBF PRO model filter units, effectively solving the oil mist problem.

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