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III Problem

ESAN AKÜ, one of the leading manufacturers of the Turkish BATTERY industry, had demands for the collection and filtering of the dust and smoke released on the battery assembly line, without spreading to the environment and the working environment, in its 20.000 m² production facility located in Dilovası Industrial Zone.

Believing in the importance of a dust-free and smoke-free production process for healthy and safe working environments and a sustainable world, ESAN AKÜ was looking for a company specialized in dedusting and filtration.

There are various sources of pollution such as lead dust and plastic fumes in the BATTERY assembly lines. Correct determination of these pollution sources, capacity calculations and correct ducting project were problems to be solved.

III Solution

ESAN AKÜ company looked at many criteria while determining the right solution partner. The most important of these was the combination of technical expertise, manufacturing and application skills. With the knowledge and experience of Bomaksan engineers, its production facility and application team, ESAN AKÜ has become the choice.

Bomaksan engineers carried out joint studies with the battery assembly line manufacturer company and made capacity calculations, channeling project and filter unit selections. As a result of the solution prepared in accordance with the characteristics of lead dust, ESAN AKÜ has been able to create a dust-free, smoke-free, healthy and safe working environment.

Bomaksan engineers developed different solutions for different processes in the ESAN BATTERY project. Following this project, various projects were continued to be developed in Turkey and abroad with the manufacturer of the battery assembly line.

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