First Webinar Of Aerial Chats Completed

First Webinar Of Aerial Chats Completed

The opening of the “Airborne Conversations” webinar organized by Bomaksan & BOA AIR was held by Bomaksan Business Development Manager Erinç Çelik. First session; In the program organized with the participation of Meriç Sapçı, one of the important names of the heating, cooling, ventilation and installation engineering sector, the results of the studies carried out to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, which has deeply affected the whole world for more than 1 year, the current approaches that remain on the agenda and the most effective protection methods in the fight against coronavirus. discussed.

Meriç Sapçı, Vice President of the Turkish Association of Plumbing Engineers, touched on important points about the spread of Covid-19 in the Air Conversations program.

“Indoor pollutants are more important than outdoor pollutants”

Stating that many things have been noticed since March 11, 2020, when the first case was seen in Turkey, Turkish Plumbing Engineers Association Vice President Meriç Sapçı said, “With the pandemic, we first understood the importance of mechanical installation project engineering. We learned that we have to question the air of the spaces we are in indoors. While our knowledge about indoor air was increasing, we questioned what the pollutants in the air were and tried to learn. We knew about pollutants in outdoor environments. In addition to carbon dioxide and volatile compounds, the effects of microbiological formations (bacteria, fungi and viruses) in indoor environments were better understood. In fact, indoor pollutants were more important than outdoor pollutants. We saw that too. As you know, we spend 90 percent of our life time indoors. For this reason, it is very normal that the environment we live in is related to health.”

“We are working to reduce the risks”

Pointing out that the risk of contamination is the most important and dominant factor, Meriç Sapçı emphasized the importance of ventilation systems and continued as follows: “We have renewed our current knowledge about ventilation systems during the pandemic process. When it comes to ventilation, we have always understood fresh ventilation. So it’s like you opened the window and fresh air came in. Ventilation is not fresh air. Ventilation is the name of a total system such as humidity and temperature control of the environment, control of the degree of pollution of the environment. During this period, we always read information such as the reinforced air system. We have always perceived amplified air as fresh air. There are 3 basic issues here: fresh air, filtration and circulation. In the field of filtration, hepa filters come to the fore with 99.97 percent protection against the spread of viruses, bacteria and particles. We have very important systems in closed environments. We are working on how we can use these systems wisely and how we can reduce these risks if we manage them correctly.”

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