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III Problem

PROGRESS, one of the most established companies of the Bulgarian casting industry, had demands for a dust-free, smoke-free and safe working environment in their newly established induction furnace investment. There were demands to prevent the problems that may occur in case the smoke and dust released in the induction cookers spread to other environments of the factory and to create a healthy, efficient and safe working environment for its employees.

III Solution

A dust-free, smokeless and safe working environment that PROGRESS company needs, the most appropriate solution was created with Bomaksan’s knowledge and experience, and energy efficient was provided with PLTF model filter units.

In the 2-burner sets used by the PROGRESS company, melting was not performed in both furnaces at the same time. For Bomaksan, which has a significant knowledge of this working operation, this subject meant a significant energy efficiency and investment savings. Thanks to the automation in these furnace sets, the suction rates of the melting and pouring furnaces were adjusted and an effective and efficient dust collection system solution was provided.


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This is why your investment in Dedusting Systems and Clean Air is actually a direct investment you make to perfect your business.

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