400 Clean Air Cabinets From Bomaksan To Libya

400 Clean Air Cabinets From Bomaksan To Libya

Clean Air Cabinets, designed and produced by Bomaksan, which develops air purification systems in industrial environments, under the brand BOA AIR, started to receive high demand from Libya as well as European countries such as England and Germany. BOA AIR Clean Air Cabinet, which was launched last month and designed to minimize the airborne transmission of viruses and bacteria with the COVID-19 epidemic and to help create healthy indoor spaces, cleans the indoor air of crowded and large spaces with its two different sizes and removes particles harmful to health by percent. It has features that filter up to 100 percent.

To be used in the rooms of isolated COVID-19 patients

Bomaksan General Manager R. Bora Boysan, who stated that they received 400 orders for pandemic hospitals in Libya in the first place, stated that they also received high demand from other countries, and said, “BOA AIR Clean Air Cabinets filter VOCs and bad odors with the most intense active carbon filter in its class. With its 3-stage filtration system, it captures microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and even particles below 1 micron with an efficiency of 99.995%. Our Fresh Air Cabinets, which we have just introduced to the market, are currently receiving demand from many countries. Our BOAmidi product, which we will send to Libya and effectively clean the indoor air up to 75 m², will be used in the pandemic service of hospitals, in rooms where patients receiving COVID-19 treatment are isolated. Since hospitals are the biggest risk in terms of contamination, with our Clean Air Cabinet in various hospitals in Libya, both a much more effective ventilation and a more sterile environment will be created by cleaning the indoor air more frequently.” said.

Indoor air quality is at risk

BOA AIR Clean Air Cabinet draws attention with its design that cleans the air of crowded and large spaces and filters harmful particles to health. The Clean Air Cabinet, which creates healthy and clean indoor air thanks to the high efficiency H14 filter that filters microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, PM 2.5, PM 10 particles and harmful gases such as VOC and Formaldehyde in the indoor environment, It also allows the prevention of increasing diseases.

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