Bomaksan Decided To Increase Its Production Capacity

Bomaksan Decided To Increase Its Production Capacity

Developing solutions for the dust, gas and smoke problems of industrial facilities, the domestic manufacturer Bomaksan has developed new products to reduce air pollution and prevent the airborne transmission of the Covid 19 virus, based on this need. Bomaksan has decided to increase its production capacity to meet the increasing demand in the global market, especially in European countries, with its BOA AIR branded clean air cabinets.

Bomaksan General Manager R. Bora Boysan, who talked about the capacity increase to meet the increasing customer demand, said, “Turkey offers significant advantages in exports with its growing economy and competitive production. We are also growing with our increasing market share. We aim to grow in production and exports with our new investment. Our products have attracted great interest in both domestic and foreign markets, especially during the Covid epidemic. The demand for clean air cabinets has increased by 300 percent abroad. In order to keep up with the demands, we will open a new factory this year and increase our production capacity by 4 times.”

The share we allocate to R&D is 4 times more

Emphasizing that Bomaksan has transferred its expertise and experience in the sector to new products and technologies, Boysan concluded his words as follows; “As a team, we are justifiably proud of overcoming a very difficult year with great success and continuing on our path by growing. Our BOA AIR brand is a 100% domestic product with both design and production. The share we allocate to R&D this year has increased nearly 4 times compared to the end of last year. The main focus of our R&D investments is the clean air cabinets that we have just added to our product range with our BOA AIR brand. The most important feature of the new cabinets is that they are suitable for use in indoor environments with high human density and circulation. Our products; It can be used in every area from shopping malls to offices, cafes and gyms. We will continue our R&D studies in order to expand the BOA product family and equip it with alternative technologies in the near future.”

EU countries and the US market are on our radar

Underlining that Russia, Turkic Republics and the USA markets, especially EU countries, are on their radar, Bomaksan General Manager R. Bora Boysan said: “More than 50 percent of our 2020 turnover was export-based. We aim to close this year with 50% turnover and 100% export growth by at least doubling our export figures in 2021. We export to more than 15 countries, including Germany, Libya, Slovenia, Moldova, Belgium, Israel, Poland, Portugal, Italy and England. We continue to receive high demand from these countries. Russia, Turkic Republics and the USA market, especially EU countries, are also on our radar.”

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