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III Problem

GERMAN MAHLE, one of the leading companies in the world automotive industry, is a company specialized in different fields in the automotive industry. In the production of engine liners and pistons in İzmir, there were demands for the collection and filtering of the oil vapor released in CNC lathes and processing benches without spreading to the environment and the working environment. Believing in the importance of a dust-free and smoke-free production process for healthy and safe working environments and a sustainable world, MAHLE company was looking for an expert company on oil mist filters.

III Solution

Oil Vapor is a dangerous pollutant released from CNC lathes and processing benches, which, if not collected and filtered, shortens the working life of the bench and creates a risk of occupational safety in the working environment. As Bomaksan, the solution developed for the MAHLE company in oil vapor filtration, one of our areas of expertise, was to design and manufacture a central oil vapor filtration unit. The oil collected in the oil mist filter unit specially developed for the MAHLE company was given to recycling, and the return time of the investment was significantly accelerated.

BOMAKSAN, which has specialized in oil vapor filtration and solved similar problems of companies such as TIRSAN KARDAN and DALGAKIRAN, also effectively solved the oil vapor filtration problem of MAHLE company.

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