Aerial Chats Second Webinar Held

Aerial Chats Second Webinar Held

The second session of the Air Conversations webinar program organized by Bomaksan & BOA AIR has been completed. WELD WOLF Mühendislik San. and Tic. Inc. In the program organized with the participation of Founding Partners Burçin Vargel and Emrah Arslan, the welding sector and the effects of welding fumes on health were discussed.

The second session of the “Airborne Conversations” webinar series organized by Bomaksan & BOA AIR was opened by Bomaksan Marketing Director Burak Boysan. In the program organized with the participation of Burçin Vargel and Emrah Arslan, the Founding Partners of WELD WOLF, a digital content producer in the industrial field; The place and importance of the welding industry in digital media, the effects of welding fumes on health and the precautions to be taken were discussed.

“Digital channels make it possible for welders to reach better places”

Expressing that the welding sector stakeholders need to access information about the sector, WELD WOLF Founding Partner Burçin Vargel said, “As a country, we have a language barrier. English publications, videos, etc. There is a problem accessing the content. Therefore, we thought why we don’t produce these contents. The digital transformation process of our country has developed very rapidly. Internet usage rate is quite high in our country. Therefore, we have decided to start an initiative in this field, as we see a deficiency in these channels.”

WELD WOLF Founding Partner Emrah Arslan said: “One of the most important points we have identified is the loneliness of our welder colleagues and the stakeholders of the welding industry in terms of both obtaining technical knowledge and being appreciated. E.g; a welder or welding engineer working in the shipyard alone. Because welding is a very niche field and we think it is an art. It is not easy for this business to see the value it deserves and to reach the point it wants to reach. Using digital channels and tools, it is one of our most important goals to bring welders and industry stakeholders together, to share their work and to access the right technical information.”

“Consequences of welding fumes can occur with very serious diseases in the long term”

In the session where the importance of occupational health and safety in the field of welding was emphasized, Burçin Vargel expressed her thoughts as follows: “While talking about such a risky profession, there are occupational safety precautions to be taken in welding as in every field, and it constitutes one of the most dangerous professions in every sense. Because there is a very high temperature in the middle; There is a danger of burns, you need to protect your eyes from UV rays very well. Welding fumes are a phenomenon in itself, you should definitely avoid it. Unfortunately, although it may seem insignificant in the short term, its consequences can occur with very serious diseases in the long term. Equipment and what needs to be used are very important. The effects of welding fumes should be constantly explained. Dozens of people, from packaging to crane operators, breathe the same air in welded manufacturing environments. Particular attention must be paid in closed areas.”

“There are hundreds of articles about welding fumes causing very serious diseases”

Emrah Arslan, pointing out that there have been serious regulations regarding welding smoke, especially in recent years, said the following about welding smoke: “These are the regulations that the United States and Europe have applied for 25 years. We know that very serious considerations should be taken regarding the source. E.g; When TIG welding on stainless steel, there is no visual smoke. Since there is no smoke, nobody thinks that there is no need for smoke extraction systems. There is an understanding that “if I don’t see the smoke, it doesn’t poison me”. There are countless articles written on this. There are hundreds of articles about welding smoke causing very serious diseases such as internal organ failure, liver failure, cancer and gangrene. If you are welding two metallic materials together, it doesn’t matter whether you see the smoke or not; You breathe the burning metal dust in it, and these are deadly fumes. Everyone’s life is very valuable and welders are the most valuable staff of that company. Being sick for 3 days means stopping the production and I’m over it. Human life is at the top of everything. There are no exceptions in this regard in Europe. When you leave Bulgaria, we see that everyone uses smoke extraction / filtration systems. As a country, we need to reach this level as soon as possible.”

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