2021 Bomaksan’s Transformation Year

2021 Bomaksan’s Transformation Year

Bomaksan, which has had an average growth rate of 50 percent every year for the last 5 years, targets this rate during the pandemic period. We talked with Bomaksan General Manager R. Bora Boysan about production studies, the pandemic process and 2021 targets.

Could you give information about your company’s fields of activity and product range?

As Bomaksan, we offer solutions to our customers in the field of dust collection and filtration in the HVAC sector, covering all processes from system design to application, from after-sales service to maintenance services. During the pandemic process, we started the production of Clean Air Cabinets as the indoor air quality of commercial and public spaces gained importance and its effect on the spread of the virus was determined.

We have 15 kinds of products related to industrial dust collection, fume extraction and gas treatment. 5 of these products are standard products, and there are 6 more models under each of them. Our other products are products that can be customized according to customer needs. In addition, the Clean Air Cabinet in two different sizes, which we developed with our BOA AIR brand, is our new product that we have introduced to our customers since July. We will launch 3 new products that we have developed for industrial areas in the coming months. These are Air Cleaning Towers for industrial manufacturing areas, the RETROFIT high efficiency filter system that can be integrated into existing filterless ventilation systems, and the mobile filter with disposable filters that will expand our mobile filter family for welding fume filtration.

Why is your company and your products preferred? What are your service and product quality standards?

In our country, there are very few companies in the field of industrial dust collection and filtration that have a product range as wide as we do and focus only on this field. As Bomaksan, we are completely devoted to cleaning the air and creating a more livable world. We build all our activities and strategies in this direction. In addition, we, as Bomaksan, realized the first and only R&D project in Turkey that received TÜBİTAK support in the field of Dust Collection. Thanks to the development we have made, we have achieved a significant advantage by reducing the energy consumption of our products. Our strongest point is to be able to solve even the most difficult problems of our customers with our predominantly engineer staff. Thanks to the special solutions we have developed for our customers, we reduce industrial-sourced air pollution, and we also contribute to increasing our customers’ production capacities with the reliable and long-lasting systems we make.

Can you evaluate the year 2020 in terms of your company? What is your capacity utilization rate compared to last year?

2019 was a successful year for us. We were able to meet our targets as well as exceed them. In addition to increasing our export rate by 400 percent, we also took part as a solution partner in many projects of Turkish companies abroad. We have had an average growth rate of 50 percent every year since the last 5 years. We closed 2019 with a turnover of 20 million TL. We aim to close the year 2020 with a 50% increase in turnover. Last year, we processed a total of 1,000,000 kg of sheet metal in our factory.

In 2021, we will start our process for the transition to the new factory. Our new factory will be on a total area of ​​15,000 m², of which 12.000 m² is closed and 3.000 m² is open. In this way, we plan to increase our production capacity by 4 times.

How did your domestic and international sales take place in the same period? Can you protect your customers?

Due to the fact that the production in Europe came to a standstill during the pandemic process, we experienced a serious decrease in our industrial product group sales. However, thanks to the BOA AIR Clean Air Cabinet that we launched this year, we were able to catch up with the sales figures we achieved last year, and we exported 1 million Euros in a period of 3 months. BOA AIR Clean Air Cabinet, with its two different sizes, has features that clean the indoor air of crowded and large spaces and filter harmful particles up to 100 percent. Our BOA midi product, which effectively cleans the indoor air up to an area of ​​75 m², has started to be used in the pandemic services of hospitals in Libya. In addition, we are currently receiving high demand from countries such as Germany, Israel, Benelux countries, Slovenia, Romania and Ukraine. More than 50% of our turnover in 2020 originated from exports. We aim to increase this rate to 75% with our new factory investment in 2021.

Can you evaluate the pandemic process in terms of your company?

The most important positive effect of the pandemic on our industry has been the increase in awareness of clean air, the quality of the air we breathe and general public health. As Bomaksan, our main field of activity is to work on reducing air pollution, so we continued our work uninterruptedly during the pandemic and tried to respond to needs and demands. In fact, we shipped 7 trucks to Kenya and 1 truck to Estonia during this period. In this process, our expertise and experience in air cleaning

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