Smart Boa Air Clean Air Cabinet From Bomaksan

Smart Boa Air Clean Air Cabinet From Bomaksan

Bomaksan’s Latest Technology Smart Boa Air Clean Air Cabinet

Bomaksan, the first and only Turkish company to develop a TÜBİTAK-supported research and development project on dust collection technologies, has expanded its BOA Air professional air filter series and added a new one to its products. With the innovative BOAsmart product family, you will have the opportunity to monitor and individually control the air quality of 50 devices through a single mobile application.

Bomaksan, which has been designing solutions to dust, gas and smoke problems in industrial facilities for 35 years, continues its efforts to reduce air pollution and continues to develop smart and fashionable products. Being able to monitor the weather instantly; The product, which can be programmed with wifi and advanced applications, allows you to monitor the air pollution level of up to 50 devices in your business or school. It also allows to control each device. It is sufficient to have an iOS OR Android operating system based device to take advantage of this technology.

Bomaksan Marketing Director K.Burak Boysan, who manages BOAsmart’s R&D team, explained the features of the new product they developed. Stating that many devices serving in different classrooms of schools will be programmed at the same time and managed automatically and from one hand thanks to its smart technology, K.Burak Boysan said: “It is very difficult to control air purification devices with the right speed and efficient operation, especially in crowded areas such as schools and offices. With the new BOAsmart, it offers a solution to this problem and eliminates the difficulty of maintenance and operation.

The BOAsmart product family, which opens new horizons in its field, increases energy efficiency by easing the burden of the employer with its need-oriented air cleaning approach.

With the particle and voc sensors of the BOAsmart product family, it is possible to instantly monitor the indoor air pollutants and adjust the cleaning capacity of the device. Accordingly, it measures the particle level and can increase or decrease the cycle depending on this level. Thanks to the new product formaldehyde sensor, it detects odors and gas molecules in the air and allows you to control the ventilation flow. The BOAsmart product family includes a G4 coarse filter, 96 activated carbon filters, H14 HEPA filters and a “UL Ozone Free” certified Bi-polar ionizer (NBPI). The released ions proactively fight pathogens in the indoor environment.

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