Bomaksan Became The Choice Of Sector Leaders

Bomaksan Became The Choice Of Sector Leaders

Developing solutions for the dust, gas and smoke problems of industrial facilities for 35 years, Bomaksan provides significant savings to its customers in the field of energy, while cleaning the air of industrial facilities with Jet-Pulse filter systems in industrial ventilation and dust collection systems. By reducing the compressed air consumption of the devices, Bomaksan brought a new era to the HVAC sector in terms of energy efficiency, and stands out with the successful solutions it offers for the dust, gas and smoke problems of the facilities within the scope of the high efficiency technologies it has developed.

Bomaksan, which has made a name for itself with its effective engineering solutions, DALGAKIRAN Compressor, the global company of the Turkish compressed air compressors sector, and Çalık, which operates in the fields of energy, construction, mining, textile, finance, telecommunication and digital, in 28 countries, including Central Asia, the Balkans and the MENA region. It was the holding’s choice.

Dalgakıran said “Bomaksan” for the 3rd time!

The global company of Turkish compressed air compressors industry, Dalgakıran Compressor, said Bomaksan again for its new environmental investment in Dilovası. With Dalgakıran Bomaksan; It effectively solved the problem of welding fume coming out in Manual and Automatic welding lines, the oil vapor problem in CNC Processing Machines, the dust and smoke problem coming out from CNC Oxygen and Plasma cutting machine. Having pioneered the Turkish industry in terms of Business Excellence, Dalgakıran Compressor raised the bar once again with Bomaksan solutions. In addition to its effective engineering solutions, Bomaksan’s ability to design and manufacture has enabled Bomaksan to be successful in the Dalgakıran project

Çalık Holding preferred Bomaksan for its Technology project

Çalık Holding preferred Bomaksan for the filtration of dust and fumes released from the metalworking process in the Technovision project that it continues to build in Uzbekistan. Çalık Holding, one of Turkey’s largest companies, with Bomaksan; preferred Bomaksan products for the filtration of metal powders released during grinding. Aiming to take its customers one step further with the services it provides on dust collection and filtration, which is one of the important building blocks of sustainable manufacturing, which is one of the important issues of Business Excellence, Bomaksan is one of the leading companies in Turkey in this regard.

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