Importance Of Filter Selection In CNC Thermal Cutting Machines

Importance Of Filter Selection In CNC Thermal Cutting Machines

Filter selection is essential against dust and fumes released in CNC thermal cutting benches. Operating in the heating, cooling and air conditioning (HVAC) sector for 35 years, Bomaksan aims to protect the health of its employees. With the new generation environmentally friendly “Jet-Pulse Compact Cartridge Filters” developed and produced in its facilities, it helps employers to contribute to the continuity of production.

Bomaksan CEO R. Bora Boysan emphasized the importance of filter selection in industrial facilities and said, “We want to protect the health of employees and be beneficial to employers. » he added.

Processes performed on CNC thermal cutting machines cause the release of different amounts of dust and fumes containing various hazardous substances. Worker losses also cause employers to pay heavy compensations. Designing solutions to dust, gas and smoke problems in various industrial facilities since 1986, Bomaksan now improves the indoor air quality with its “Compact Jet-Pulse Cartridge Filters” and allows the consumer to choose the right filter.

“Employees’ health is paramount”

Bomaksan General Manager R. Bora Boysan emphasized the importance of the health of workers and equipment in industrial facilities, emphasizing that equipment and raw materials cause diseases when appropriate precautions are not taken for employees in production facilities, and both the health of employees and the quality and duration of production are affected by this situation and can lead to heavy penalties. Dust and fumes released during fiber laser cutting, CO2 laser, plasma and oxygen,

It increases the number of unplanned maintenance by causing deterioration of lenses and damage to many electronic components. We emphasize that this is important and we underline that employee health comes first. ‘

“Save costs and energy”.

Emphasizing that all components that make up the system must be selected and designed correctly for the CNC thermal cut dust filtration to work properly, Bora Boysan said, “Jet-Pulse compact cartridge filters; control panel, dust extraction and jet-pulse compressed air equipment and cleaning system in a single product. Boysan noted that these products designed by Bomaksan engineers are both eye-catching and budget-friendly. Bora Boysan, which guarantees ease of transportation and installation by bringing all the accessories together in a single body, as well as energy savings thanks to its ability to clean the heated indoor air with great efficiency and convert it into breathable air, said the following about the energy saving systems of Bomaksan, which designs products that contribute to sustainability: “Filtering We try to prioritize sustainable development while designing our systems. We see it as a humanitarian duty to contribute to energy saving in Turkey and in the world.

Stating that the filter is cleaned automatically with compressed air, Bomaksan General Manager Bora Boysan underlined that Jet-Pulse filtration systems are the first and only Turkish company to produce a research and development project supported by TUBITAK on Automatic Dust Collection Technologies. Boysan added that with the differential pressure sensors in the devices cleaned with compressed air, compressed air is consumed only when needed and compressed air consumption is prevented when it is not needed. With this system, which reduces maintenance costs, we also offer the opportunity to work continuously in companies that make mass production.”

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