Collaboration With WeldWolf From Bomaksan That Raises Awareness

Collaboration With WeldWolf From Bomaksan That Raises Awareness

Bomaksan, which designs products to reduce air pollution with effective engineering solutions, has signed a meaningful work with Weld Wolf, which provides consultancy and training services for the welding sector.

Sector employees were informed about Weld Wolf’s “Damages of Smoke-Gas Formed During Welding and Protection Methods” in order to raise awareness.

Operating in the heating, cooling and air conditioning (HVAC) sector, designing innovative products with a wide product range and sensitive to the environment and human health, Bomaksan collaborated with Weld Wolf. In this context, sector employees were informed about the health problems that may be caused by the harmful welding fumes generated during welding, the methods of protection and the benefits of smoke extraction units and similar equipment.

Filters provide close to 100 percent effect of smoke

Taking part in Weld Wolf’s talk on “The Hazards of Smoke-Gas Generated During Welding and Protection Methods” with its mobile smoke extraction unit “DUFILmini”, Bomaksan contributed to raising awareness about welding fumes.

It was emphasized in the training video that factories, which did not increase the measures against work accidents and occupational diseases thanks to the increasing awareness in recent years, faced both a shortage of qualified personnel and serious sanctions in the long term, and it was stated that not filtering the smoke and fine particles that are harmful to health correctly from the working environment will cause adverse working conditions.

It was mentioned that the companies that take precautions against work accidents and occupational diseases at the highest level increase their productivity thanks to employee satisfaction as well as providing a sustainable production center. It was reported that well-engineered filters clean 99.99 percent of the existing smoke and return it to the environment. Weld Wolf experts pointed out that the problem was almost completely eliminated in this way, and emphasized that the limited gases emitted from welding fumes are above the determined rates, and that filtration support should be obtained from companies that are experts in their field, regardless of small workshop or large factory.

Developing solutions for the dust, gas and smoke problems of industrial plants, Bomaksan eliminates dust and smoke with its ‘Mobile Welding Fume Extraction Units’ and Compact Jet-Pulse Cartridge Filters, while choosing the right filter for the consumer’s production environment with its expert team. makes it prefer the filter.

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