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III Problem

Turkey’s most established companies in the foundry industry and the largest company SILVER INDUSTRY CO, dust-free investment in the foundry built on 60,000 sqm and there was a demand for smoke-free work environment. In this context, their new purchases;

  • Induction Cookers
  • Robotic Sandblasting
  • Pendulum Grinding
  • Sand Preparation Plant
  • Dust collection and filtration systems were needed in the sand silos areas.

There was a search for a company to prepare, draw, produce and install the project for this comprehensive project.

III Solution

Both of which demand projec Silvan Industries, which is both a producer and one of the few companies in Turkey meets the conditions for implementing company Bon scream as customer demand and work began after understanding their needs.

For induction cookers, suction is made from suction hoods supplied by the cooker manufacturer, and clean and healthy air and a quality production process are provided with PLTF model filter units.

For the robotic sandblasting cabin, in line with the data provided by the manufacturer of the sandblasting facility, a solution that increases the production quality and improves the working performance of the robots has been provided with the PLTF model filter unit by suction from the cabin.

For the Pendulum Grinding line, by providing suction from the grinding cabins, dust and smoke absorbed by a special piping line are cleaned with PLTF model filter units and an environmentally friendly production process is ensured. In addition, it is ensured that the pendulum grinding operator works in a healthy and productive working environment.

With the project specially prepared for the Sand Preparation Facility, all dust and smoke sources are suctioned and filtered in the specially designed PTF model filter unit, increasing the quality of the sand and the quality of the final product.

The sand stored in the sand silos and the dust released during storage are suctioned so that less space is created in the molds and the surface and internal structure quality of the final cast product is increased.

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