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III PKM – Plasma Cutting Table

Bomaksan brand PKM series plasma cutting tables are modular extraction tables with a pneumatic flap system designed for CNC Plasma and Oxygen cutting applications. PKM series plasma cutting tables capture the dust and fume released during cutting processes very effectively and does not allow operators and workers to breathe harmful and dusty air.(when connected to a compact filter unit) . PKM series extraction benches, which can be specially designed in different module sizes, offer high performance even at low airflow rates.

Thanks to mechanical switches and pneumatic pistons, they can be installed without the need for an extra signal connection. Thanks to its robust design, it is designed to serve for many years even in the most difficult conditions.

Cleaning and maintenance of PKM series thermal cutting benches are very easy. The chambers inside the modules can be easily removed and emptied by means of a crane. In this way, it provides high working efficiency by minimizing maintenance times.

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Thermal Cutting Fume
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Forget the days when you absolutely need an authorized service to install and operate a purchased dust collector unit. Bomaksan compact dust collection and fume extraction units can be operated by anyone who knows basic electrical and compressed air installations thanks to their designs.

Bomaksan brand dust collectors are specially designed for easy maintenance by maintenance teams. The ease of maintenance of each filter unit is planned differently within itself, and each provides the easiest maintenance opportunity for maintenance teams.