Trakya Casting’s Choice Is Bomaksan

Trakya Dokumun Tercihi Bomaksan

Trakya Casting’s Choice Is Bomaksan

TRAKYA DÖKÜM was established in 1978 as one of the 10 companies of the SOYAK Group. One of Turkey’s most established and strong foundry from Thrace CASTING factory, is installed in an area of 220,000 m², it is a closed area of 55,000 square meters. TRAKYA DÖKÜM production facilities have an annual production capacity of approximately 65,000 tons of casting parts with 5 DISAMATIC molding lines.

TRAKYA DÖKÜM preferred BOMAKSAN for the dust collection systems of its new DISA molding line and Induction Furnace investment, which it completed in 2020.

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