Tourism Sector Prefers Bomaksan

Turizm Sektoru Bomaksani Tercih Etti

Tourism Sector Prefers Bomaksan

Bomaksan, which received support from TUBITAK for the first time in Turkey in the field of dedusting industrial airspaces, has also become the choice of the tourism industry with its BOA midi product, which effectively pacifies the risk of contamination from Kovid19 up to 75 square meters. Offering solutions covering all processes in the heating, cooling and air conditioning (HVAC) sector, from system design to construction, after-sales service and maintenance services in the field of engineering of facilities, Bomaksan improves indoor air quality within the scope of the new collaboration of Felicia Village Hotel and Holiday Inn Kadıköy Hotel.

The H14 class air cabin with BOAmidiON HEPA filter, which has the highest filtering surface in its class, protects hotels from coronavirus and many small nanoparticles, makes the indoor environment more sterile, and also visually adapts to hotel concepts. Bomaksan, which certifies the compliance of the products sold with health, safety and environmental standards and has the CE certificate valid both in the country and abroad, reduces the compressed air consumption of the devices and maximizes the energy efficiency, and catches even particles smaller than 1 micron at a speed close to one hundred percent.

Bomaksan offers solutions to hotels with BOAmidiON as a requirement of Safe Tourism Certificate. Bomaksan, which has been improving indoor air quality by developing solutions to dust, gas and smoke problems in industrial facilities for 35 years, designs and produces for needs that filter bad odors. By trapping microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria into PM2.5 particles, it provides clean air with maximum efficiency in small or large square meters indoor environments.

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