Wet Scrubber

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III Wet Scrubber

Wet Scrubber gas treatment units are a gas treatment technology used in the filtration of chemical gases such as acid that dry-type filters cannot filter. Scrubber filter units can be used as final filters in some processes, while they can be used as pre-filters in some other processes.

Wet Scrubbers have many different types within themselves, but the most commonly used types are “Venturi Scrubber” and “Standard Scrubber”. Venturi scrubbers are suitable for processes where there is some dust in the air to be filtered. Standard scrubbers do not work properly in the filtration of the dusty air. For this reason, the dust concentration in the air to be filtered is a critical parameter.

Main Advantages of Wet Scrubbers;

  • It can be used for the filtration of high-temperature dirty air.
  • It helps to cool the air coming from high temperatures.
  • SOx treatment efficiency is higher than other gas scrubbing types.
  • (Venturi Scrubber) It can clean gases and particles in the same unit.
  • It can neutralize highly corrosive gases and dust.
  • In some cases, it may be the right solution to filter explosive and flammable dust.


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