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III Verty Series

BOMAKSAN brand VERTY Series Jet-Pulse Compact Cartridge Filter Units can be used as a central suction system or can be installed right next to the pollution source. It is a compact, plug-and-play device that includes a radial fan, fan control panel, Jet-Pulse cleaning system, dust collection chamber and cartridge filters. This allows for easy installation.

It is a suitable choice between suction capacities of 2.500 m³/h – 12.000 m³/h with various fan pressures. Fan performance curves showing the variety of fan operating points can be found in the datasheet file below. The electric motors of this series range from 2.2 kW to 11 kW.

The VERTY series meets the safety requirements of units in the welding fume category W3 (high alloy steels). This unit is CE certified. If you use the unit correctly, you can use it for circulating air operation as it fulfills the requirements of the exceptional rules according to the new German Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefStoff V).



The VERTY Series dust collectors are perfect choice for the filtration of limited dust volumes such as welding, cutting and grinding process.

  • Can be equipped to a Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Systems. Extraction arms, tables, benches and hoods can be connected to VERTY series filter units.
  • Can be used for Hall Ventilation Systems such as Push-Pull Ventilation or Layered Ventilation.



The Verty series filter units can be used for filtration of dry granulated dusts such as plastic, minerals, chemical, stone etc.

  • VERTY series can be used in cutting, sawing, seperating, grinding, polishing and seperating of the dusts. Suitable to work with several stations.
  • In material handling applications, VERTY series can also be used for emptying, mixing and refilling operations as well.


  1. Particles like dust and fume reach to the filter unit from dirty air inlet and baffle plate in the dirty air inlet.
  2. Dirty air arises in the dirty air chamber and go through high efficient filtration media.
  3. Clean air sucked by radial fan will be blown to the clean air outlet.

III Brochures

VERTY Series Brochure
VERTY Series Brochure


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