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III PKF Series

The PKF series Jet-Pulse modular cartridge filter unit, which emerged as a result of Bomaksan’s desire to exceed customer needs and expectations and endless efforts to develop a product with excellent quality, makes a difference with its high performance and modular design that defy even the most demanding dust loads.

Our team designed the PKF series devices as a device that can grow modularly with your future needs and investments, and designed the unit modularly, considering your transportation costs. This way, you do not have to purchase special transport services when transporting a PKF series Jet-Pulse modular cartridge filter unit. Bomaksan branded PKF series Jet-Pulse modular cartridge dust and fume extraction units are dust collectors with superior technology and energy efficiency, which can be used in applications with medium-high dust load and fume extraction applications.

PKF series Jet-Pulse modular cartridge dust and fume extractors are the appropriate choices between 2,500 m³ / h – 100,000 m³ / h air capacities. These units show high performance in CNC Plasma / Laser Cutting devices, welding fume extraction, static paint booths, sandblasting booths, filtering the dust generated during grinding application, and many other applications. Thanks to its modular design, when your suction capacity needs to increase with your new investments, your old filtration system investment will not go to waste.

In some cases, PKF series Jet-Pulse modular cartridge filter units may not be the right solution. Situations such as the absorption of oily fumes are some of these. In these and similar cases, you can consult your Bomaksan sales representative and get the most accurate solution at the most affordable prices.

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PKF Series


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You can leave your contact information for our Clean Air Experts to provide you with the best support.

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PKF Series

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In Bomaksan brand dust collectors, special F9 (MERV 15) class filters with high technology nanofiber coating are used as standard. However, if requested, H13 class ePTFE Membrane filters can also be used.

the ePTFE membrane is a type of surface coating technology with membrane technique. Thanks to this technique, dust, and particles coming to the cartridge filter can be kept on the surface without entering the depths of the filter. These particles and dust forming a cake layer on the surface both increase the filtration efficiency and create surfaces that can be cleaned much more easily with compressed air. Surfaces with ePTFE membrane coating are also water and oil repellent. For this reason, ePTFE Membrane filters are used both in applications with dense particles of 1 micron and below and in applications containing light moisture and oil.

Bomaksan brand Jet-Pulse cartridge dust collectors and fume extractors have an automatic jet-pulse cleaning system. Thanks to the special Jet-Pulse cleaning system designed by Bomaksan engineers within the scope of the R&D project and with the highest performance efficiency, cartridge filters can be much longer-lasting. Equipment like compressed air tank, solenoid pulse valve, and pulse control with differential pressure control, which is required for automatic Jet-Pulse cleaning systems, are standard in Bomaksan dust collectors.

Thanks to the venturi designed specially by Bomaksan engineers, cleaning efficiency was maximized and effective cleaning was achieved at much lower pressures. In this way, compressed air consumption has been reduced.

The biggest advantage of the Jet-Pulse control units with differential pressure control is that they are cleaned only when needed. In other words, electricity is only  consumed when needed. Jet-pulse system operates at certain intervals in time-adjusted pulse control units, whether it is necessary or not, and compressed air is consumed. In the control units with differential pressure adjustment, the cleaning system is activated only when the filters reach a certain differential pressure (when the filters reach a certain filling) and compressed air is consumed.

Bomaksan brand dust collectors are designed on the basis of energy efficiency. All Bomaksan brand devices are engineered by competent engineers and designers to consume optimum energy.