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APPLICATIONS - Hot Dip Galvanise


Bomaksan is one of the top companies in Dust Collection Systems in Turkey. With 30+ years of experience in the production and design, Bomaksan have been chosen by hundreds of companies all around the world. Either establishing a new Hot Dip Galvanising Facility or upgrading existing dust collection systems, Bomaksan highly experienced engineers will assist you to prepare technical specifications, manufacturing of the dust collectors and installation. Bomaksan also provides one of the best after sale service with skilled field team.


Hot Dip Galvanising process is applied to metal which need to be coated and protected from abbrasive harsh conditions. Zinc is the most commonly used element in galvanising process and zinc fume is very hazardous and toxic gas. In galvanising process, to-be-coated surface must be prepared with several surface treatment. After those treatments, material dip into zinc bath. While dipping, hazardous zinc fume is released and this fume must be collected and filtered in the most appropiate way. If its not, this fume spread among your facility and both cause occupational hazards for your workers and decrease your facility's air quality, thus working efficiency. 

Bomaksan Industrail Air Filtration Systems provides the most effective and economic solutions for Hot Dip Galvanising Process. Zinc bath must be enclosed with the help of well-designed enclosures.This enclosed area is very important to decrease necessary volumetric flow, which causes both high initial and maintenance cost. Extracted fume is directed to the Jet-Pulse dust collectors which has automatic cleaning systems. After passing through Jet-Pulse filters it can be released to the atmosphere. Bomaksan branded filters guaranteed emission level to be below what authorities demand. 

Bomaksan’s engineers Works on your project to provide the best dust collection solutions with the minimum effort and volumetric flow. Minimum volumetric flow means minimum initial investment and maintenance cost. Bomaksan’s experienced engineers offer the best solutions for your particular facility. We are aware of that cheap is not economical. Cheap means very expensive solutions when you think afterward. Thats why Bomaksan is providing the most economical solutions to their customers.




  • Bomaksan - Hot Dip Galvanise Fume Filtration
  • Bomaksan - Hot Dip Galvanise Fume Filtration
  • Bomaksan - Hot Dip Galvanise Fume Filtration
  • Bomaksan - Hot Dip Galvanise Fume Filtration
  • Bomaksan - Hot Dip Galvanise Fume Filtration
  • Bomaksan - Hot Dip Galvanise Fume Filtration

hot dip galvanizing fumes

hot dip galvanising dust collection

hot dip galvanising fume collection

hot dip galvanising filtration

hot dip galvanising fume filtration

hot dip galvanising dust filtration

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