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PRODUCTS - Industrial Air Filtration Systems - Jet Pulse Pleated Bag Filter


General Features

PLTF Jet-Pulse Pleated Bag House Dust Collectors are much economical than traditional Bag House Filters. The main reason is Pleated Bag House Filter Units requires much less space than Regular Bag Filters.
Thanks to its’ high yielded automatic cleaning system designed by Bomaksan engineers as part of R&D project, while the consumption of compressed air is decreasing, the life and performance of Fİlter increase.
PLTF Jet-Pulse Pleated Bag House Dust Collectors can be customised depending on your facility requirements. Bomaksan engineers provide solutions to all kind of limitations.
Side and upper doors of cabin, makeup profile, chassis and carrying legs are produced with sufficient plate thickness and leak-proof is ensured by press injection unifying with a nut.
PLTF Jet-Puse Pleated Bag House Dust Collectors provides supreme filtration efficiency when it is compared with traditional bag filters.
Bomaksan branded PLTF Jet-Pulse Pleated Bag Houses decreases your time and labor expenses up to 50% due to its pleated bag filters which contains nozle and cages inside.

BOMAKSAN branded PLTF Jet-Pulse Pleated Bag Houses can be installed as a central system. Polluted air collected from any source will directed to the dust collector with well-designed ducts. Ducting in dust collection system must be sylindirical and self-flanged.

For further information, please check out the catalogue.


Foundries Cement Automotive Industry Ceramic Industry
Sand Blasting Metal Working Food & Beverages Pharmaceutical

Standard Accessories

Targeted to satisfy requested air flow and pressure, centrifuge type, conforming the standards and with its’ direct drive engine its’ produced to work quite and vibration free. Fan engines are made by steel as standard and balanced dynamically and statically on specialized plants.
Pulse Valves & Air Tanks
Pulse Valves are made by aluminum cast and 1½’’ sized. They perform with 24V DC standard voltage. Air tank is produced conforming to compressed container technique and adequate to store the air between two valves.

Fan Control Panel
The panel containing thermal switch controlling ventilator engine, contactor, engine protection relay and working/warning lights.

Sequencer (with Differential Pressure Control)
It analyzes differential pressure occurs due to pollution of filters digitally and controls pulse valves. Covered with IP 65 class, made by ABS, water- and dust-proof case.
Rotary Valve
In case of high dust load, Rotary Valves removes the dust from the hooper continuosly. It is made from casted body, has outboard bearings, motor and reductor group.


Optional Accesories

Pilot Box & Ex-Proof Coils
The box protects pulse valve coils from extreme outside conditions.
Explosion Vent
ATEX certicated explosion door is used, which is produced by stainless steel.
Dust coming from rotary valve needed to be stored in a storage. Big Bags are one of the most commonly used storage type. Big Bag hangs are the equipmant which holds big bags steady. Big Bag hangs are dessigned to hold big bags in the most effective way.
Produced cylindrically to absorb the air noise of ventilator outlet.
Compressed Air Regulator
It regulates the pressure of the compressed air from compressor and ensures it has been forwarded to air tank as dry, thus the filter cleaning pressure is kept under control and safety of filters is guaranteed.

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