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  • From Bomaksan to Libya - 400 pcs HEPA Air Purifier
    Developing air cleaning systems in industrial environments, Bomaksan's Clean Air Cabinets, designed and produced under the BOA AIR brand, started to receive high demand from Libya as well as European countries such as England and Germany. With the COVID-19 epidemic, the BOA AIR Clean Air Cabinet, which was designed to minimize the transmission of viruses and bacteria by air and
    TRAKYA DÖKÜM was established in 1978 as one of the 10 companies of the SOYAK Group. TRAKYA DÖKÜM is One of Turkey's most established and strong foundry which is installed in an area of 220,000 m², it is a closed area of 55,000 square meters. TRAKYA DÖKÜM production facilities have an annual production capacity of 65,000 tons of casting parts with 5 DISAMATIC molding
  • From Bomaksan To Kenya - Dust Collection Systems
    The choice of dust collection system for the new BATTERY assembly line investments of the Kenya battery manufacturer Relevant Battery Manufacturers (ABM) was BOMAKSAN. ABM was established in 1963 by the UK-based Chloride Group to manufacture batteries for a number of British heads in Kenya, including Chloride, Oldham, Lucas and Dunlop. Currently recovering more than 12,000 m
  • How to Evaluate Dust Control System Performance?
    Many industry studies on filter efficiency can be used to evaluate the performance of a dust collection system. But how well the filter performs is only part of the big picture.   It is extremely important to also examine the exposure and emission factors in your ventilation system. In our article below, you can examine how important it is to address all of its facto
  • Save on Dust Collection by Understanding Conveying Velocities
    In dust collection, it is necessary to understand the importance of the transport speed and its effect on the system. Too slow or too fast movement of air in ducts can have significant consequences. The optimum conveying speed may vary depending on the type of powder in the application. However, there are different design applications and devices that you can use to select and
  • What is Welding Fume and why it is dangerous?
    The most popular method of welding today is mild steel welding, which is important for every industry that uses welding in its production process. Latest scientific research has shown that the gases that this method produces are potentially carcinogenic. Although we have yet to see the full effects of this finding, it is clear that the health and safety of welders and the metho
  • Understanding Oil Mist Problem
    To some degree, all metal machining operations produce oil mist and oil smoke. There are typically a variety of unidentified additives in both oil mist from emulsions and oil smoke from tidy oils that will influence the human being. Therefore, eliminating oil mist is necessary to ensure protection and cleanliness in the workplace. Oil mist is the aerosol known as droplet par
  • Regulations of Welding Fumes
    1. Overview   Things to Do to Prevent Welding Fumes and Dust   -    Fumes, gas and particles can be emitted into the air during welding, cutting and similar processes such as spraying or soldering. These airborne substances can be classified as harmful. -    These particles that spread into the air can be inhaled, reach up
    As Güven (Trust) Copper Business and Co. started its activities in 1948 with the production of copper plate, developed over time and took the production of copper rolls and strips into its products’ range in 1993. GEMCILER GUVEN METAL. has grown steadily with increasing investments every year and has become one of the leading companies of the Turkish industry as a leade
    Focusing on the production of semi-finished or finished high-conductivity hard copper alloys such as CuCr, CuCrZr, CuNi3Si+Cr, CuCoNiBe, CuCo2Be, CuBe2 generated further growth and Albaksan became the first exporter of these alloys in Turkey. Albaksan alloys are used in a variety of critical applications such as high voltage switchgear, resistance welding, and die casting mold
  • KNAUF's Choice: BOMAKSAN
    Insulation materials manufacturer and industry leading company KNAUF preferred BOMAKSAN brand PKF series dust collectors in glass fiber dust collection filter systems. The PKF series cartridge filter units, which can be rapidly increased in capacity with its modular structure, continue to be the preferred sector best. BOMAKSAN continues to be the preferred choice, with
  • FERRO Dokum's Choice: BOMAKSAN
    FERRO Döküm has chosen BOMAKSAN brand PKFC model device in its new dust and smoke extraction systems project. The PKFC model filter unit, which occupies less space in the factory with its compact structure, is the preferred choice for FERRO Casting. The PKFC model filter unit, which occupies fewer space thanks to its superior dust, smoke absorption, and filtration technology,
  • ERYAP Group decided BOMAKSAN in Rock Whool Dust Collection System
    ERYAP Group has solved the dust collection system problems of stone wool line in the Hendek factory with Bomaksan brand devices. Within the scope of the project, 2 pieces of Plasma Dust Collection Unit were established within the scope of Dust Collecting System project. ERYAP Group also preferred Bomaksan for its investment in the previous dust collection system and, as a resul
  • Borsen Pipe preffered Bomaksan in stainless steel laser welding line
    Borsen Pipe, one of the biggest Turkish stainless steel pipe manufacturer, decided to work with Bomaksan in their dust extraction and filtration project in Laser Welding line. In this project, Bomaksan PLTF Jet-Pulse Pleated Bag House Filter Units are used.
  • Betek Boya preffered Bomaksan.
    Betek Boya, one of the biggest and oldest paint powder producer companies in Turkey, choices Bomaksan branded PKFC Jet-Pulse Compact Cartridge Dust Collector , in their new facility. 
  • We are attending SODEX '18 at Istanbul
    As Bomaksan Industrial Air Filtration Systems, we are exhibiting SODEX '18 ISTANBUL in 7 - 10 Feb 2018.
  • Melodi Chocolates preferred Bomaksan
    Melodi Chocolates, one of the biggest and oldest chocolate companies in Turkey, choices Bomaksan branded PLTF Jet-Pulse Pleated Bag House , in their new facility.  1. Melodi Chocolate Sugar Coated Pill Line 2. Melodi Chocolate PLTF Jet-Pulse Pleated Bag House 
  • BASF's choice; Bomaksan
    One of the biggest Chemistry Company in the world, BASF, choices Bomaksan branded PLTF Jet-Pulse Pleated Bag Houses and PKFC Jet-Pulse Compact Cartridge Dust Collectors in the construction chemicals facility in Turkey.
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