Conveyor Conveying and Belt Spill

Conveyor conveying process is used for mining, cement, foundry sand preparation, crushing stone etc. it is a process that facilities are very familiar with. Its basic logic is to transfer the bulk material from one point to another. It can be transported in various ways according to the material transported and environmental conditions. The dust problem experienced in this process is an issue that is within the knowledge of every person and institution operating in this sector.


The dust released during conveyor transport is only related to the type of material transported. During this application, no dust is released other than the dust that is transported. For this reason, the first and most important information that should be known when making filter selections is the content of the material transported. Preventing the dusting that occurs during conveyor transportation both reduces the environmental impact of the production facility and helps to reduce your maintenance and repair costs by preventing this dust from damaging the equipment.

Although the dust released during conveyor transport varies according to the type of material, it is generally abrasive. Depending on the material transported, it may have a risk of fire and explosion. Again, according to the material transported, it may have the ability to clump, moisture retention, and react with various components such as water. Bomaksan engineers make specific product selections for your application.

EX-PROOF filter units can be manufactured with ATEX certified equipment for applications with risk of explosion, and customer-specific studies can be carried out on the precautions to be taken against all kinds of fire and explosion risks. Conveyor transport systems are the systems where explosion cases are most common. The fact that the coverings made to control the dust released in particular cause an increase in the concentration of explosive dust by narrowing the closed volume here, requires extra attention for such systems. If the dust suction system cannot be operated properly and properly, explosive coal, sugar, aluminum, titanium, etc. dusts are very dangerous.

In order to create an efficient and healthy working environment, it is necessary to remove and filter the smoke and dust caused by all these applications from the breathing air of the employees in a healthy and effective way. Factories that do not increase precautions for work accidents and occupational diseases, thanks to the increased awareness and awareness in recent years, both experience a shortage of qualified personnel and face lawsuits with serious consequences in the long term. Companies that take precautions against work accidents and occupational diseases at the highest level have increased productivity thanks to employee satisfaction as well as providing a sustainable production center.


The main points to be considered when designing a ventilation system for the suction of dust and smoke released during conveyor transport are as follows;

  • Corrosive dust resistant steel channels

Spiral clamped galvanized piping is not suitable for this application because the dust released during conveyor transport is abrasive. Systems made with spiral clamped pipes are starting to cause problems in a short time.

  • Precautions Against Fire Risk

Depending on the type of material conveyed, dust and smoke released during conveyor transportation have a risk of fire. In cases where this risk occurs, measures should be taken to ensure that spark reaches the filter, and precautions should be taken to minimize the damage in case of a possible fire.

  • Precautions Against Explosion Risk

Depending on the type of material conveyed, dust and smoke released during conveyor transportation have the risk of explosion. In cases where this risk occurs, precautions for sparking to the filter as well as measures to minimize the damage in the event of a possible explosion should be taken.

  • Design for Reducing Electricity Consumption

 Conveyor transport application of each company is different. They may show various design differences according to the characteristics of the area they have and the reasons for demanding this system. Due to these design differences, the dust collection system of each company should also be specially designed. In order to ensure efficient operation with lower energy consumption, it is vital to effectively cover the dusting areas. When closing these areas, placing a maintenance cover is a matter that should never be overlooked. Suction should be made at certain intervals from these closures. In addition to the belt, the dusting that occurs at the discharge points between 2 bands is the most dust-generating processes. At these points, the suction and the design of    the suction hoods are the issues that affect the energy consumption.



In conveyor handling applications, filter unit selection is as critical as the design of the suction system. Establishing the correct suction channeling and suction system, the required air flow and consequently. While it helps to reduce energy consumption, choosing the right filter unit directly affects your maintenance and operating costs.

Bomaksan brand filter units are designed to filter the dust released during the transportation of all kinds of bulk materials in the most efficient way.

Filter media (the area where dust and fumes are kept in the dust extraction unit) plays a critical role in the efficient filtering of dust and fumes released during t conveyor transport. In processes where the filter media is not selected correctly, undesirable results such as frequent clogging of the filters, high electricity consumption, and frequent stops of the line may occur. Therefore, high quality filter media must be used.

In addition to the filter media, a good Jet-Pulse dust collector should have a highly efficient cleaning system, easy maintenance and universal spare parts. Bomaksan brand filter units are superior to other brands thanks to these superior features.

Bon scream, Jet-Pulse Dust Collector in Turkey, jet-pulse cleaning system in the name of improving the efficiency of R & D work by grants from TUBITAK is the first and only domestic firms.

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