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Bomaksan brand TOFILmono series mobile filters are mobile filters designed for light and medium level dust and fume applications. Thanks to its specially designed hood and high suction power, it catches the light dust and fume that is released during various applications by catching the harmful and dusty air from the source, filters it with high efficient cartridge filters, and gives it back to ambient. In this way, it helps to provide a more efficient and safer working environment by minimizing the risk of occupational diseases and the risk of occupational accidents.

TOFILmono series mobile filter units are equipped with cleanable cartridge filters, 360-degree rotating extraction arm, radial fan with high efficiency and high suction power, fan rotation direction warning light, filter clog sensor, and operating hour counter. Thanks to these features, TOFILmono series mobile filter units not only bring low maintenance costs but also provide extra ease of use to the users. In some cases, Tofil series mobile filters may not be the right solution.

Conditions such as heavy dust loads and absorption of oily fumes are some of them. In these and similar situations, you can consult your Bomaksan sales representative and get the right solution at the most affordable prices. 

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