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ALVER Series - Air Tower

ALVER Series - Air Tower

The breakthrough performance of the AVLER family of jet-pulse compact Airtower is the result of Bomaksan’s persistent drive to improve its products and exceed customer expectations. Bomaksan ALVER series dust and fume Airtower unit is a compact dust collector with superior technology and energy efficiency, from low to medium dust load and fume extraction applications.

ALVER series compact Airtowers are designed to effectively filter the dust and fume generated during the welding of large parts where local extraction is not possible. Bomaksan brand ALVER series Jet-Pulse compact Airtowers are compact dust and fume collection devices with superior technology and energy efficiency, which can be used in applications with medium-high dust load and fume extraction applications.

ALVER series Jet-Pulse compact Airtowers are the appropriate choice between 5,000 m³ / h –20,000 m³ / h air capacities. These units show high performance in welding fume extraction, filtering the dust generated during grinding application, and in many other applications. Thanks to its design, it takes up a very small space in your factory environment and completely eliminates your dust and fume problem. ALVER series Jet-Pulse compact Airtower have a compact structure with all their accessories. Thanks to this compact structure, it can work anywhere in your factory where there is electricity and compressed air connection.

In some cases, ALVER series Jet-Pulse compact air towers may not be the right solution. Situations such as the absorption of oily fumes are some of these. In these and similar cases, you can consult your Bomaksan sales representative and get the most accurate solution at the most affordable prices.

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