BASF Construction Chemicals Prefered Bomaksan

BASF Construction Chemicals Prefered Bomaksan
01 Nis 2021

BASF, the world's largest chemical company, dust problems of Construction Chemicals plant in Turkey, is to brand Bon PLTF Jet-Pulse Bag Filter with pleated solved Unit and Compact PKFC Jet-Pulse Cartridge Filter Units.

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Aerial Chats Second Webinar Held

06 Haz 2021

The second session of the Air Conversations webinar program organized by Bomaksan & BOA AIR has been completed. WELD WOLF Mühendislik San. and Tic. Inc. In the program organized with the participation of Founding Partners Burçin Vargel and Emrah Arslan, the welding sector a

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FERRO Casting Preferred Bomaksan

02 Nis 2021

FERRO Döküm preferred BOMAKSAN branded PKFC model device for its new dust and smoke extraction systems project. The PKFC model filter unit, which takes up less space in the factories with its compact structure, has been the choice of FERRO Döküm. In addition to its supe

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Tourism Sector Prefers Bomaksan

11 Eki 2021

Tourism Sector Prefers Bomaksan Bomaksan, which received support from TUBITAK for the first time in Turkey in the field of dedusting industrial airspaces, has also become the choice of the tourism industry with its BOA midi product, which effectively pacifies the risk of contamination fro

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