Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values


As Bomaksan, our main mission is to contribute to a world where dust-free and smoke-free production is possible. Our main goal is to develop technologies that can carry out production processes, which are an indispensable part of our lives, without harming our world and without polluting our air, and to make these technologies accessible to everyone.


We are working to become one of the most respected manufacturers in Europe and the world by constantly investing in R&D and innovation, respecting the environment and nature we are in, and making the technologies we develop accessible to everyone.


  • Protecting the World We Live In

Bomaksan enables producers to continue their activities without harming the world we live in, by developing more advanced and accessible systems in filtration technologies, which is its main field of activity. In addition, we aim to leave a livable world for future generations by using environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions in our production facilities.

  • One for all, all for one!

We see our employees and their families as members of the Bomaksan family. For this reason, we take care of the interests of our family members in every step taken and share every success achieved with them.

  • Being Open to Development

Every individual of Bomaksan is open to improvement. He/She is always after learning new things. Learning and development do not end at Bomaksan. Our family members who want to learn and develop are offered all the opportunities we can.

  • Commitment to Universal Ethical Values

Compliance with laws, human rights, and business ethics in all our practices is one of the indispensable values of our honest and people-oriented management.

  • Doing the Right Thing

We are committed to maintaining our high standards in everything we do. We pride ourselves on our high-quality products, solutions, and services to the society and manufacturing industry, enabling people to reach clean air and work in better conditions. We achieve success by doing the right thing, not the easy thing. We are aware that the real challenge is not to do easy situations but to do the right thing in uncertain situations.

  • Operating a Participatory and Accountable Working System

We apply a management style in which all our teammates can express their opinions clearly, contribute to the solution and bear responsibility for the decisions made. A participatory and accountable working system is to embrace both success and failure without holding anyone else responsible.

  • Believing in Continuous Innovation

We believe that clean air is a human right. We see it as a responsibility to continuously develop innovative and more accessible technologies in order to make this right accessible to everyone. We are working to make our future more livable by designing more accessible systems and developing energy-efficient products and technologies in the R&D studies we have developed.

  • We respect each other, cooperate, test each other when necessary and care about each other

As BOMAKSAN employees, we treat each other and the people we interact with respectfully. We always cooperate and, when necessary, question each other's opinions within the framework of professionalism and respect. If we think differently, we express it clearly and honestly; When we make a decision, we act together. We respect diversity, regardless of religion, language, race, or gender, and we value everyone as a separate individual.


Always With You On Your Way of Excellence

As Bomaksan, we are aware of your desire to do your job perfectly. Excellence means both producing the best quality product, meeting the quality and deadline expectations of your customers and even exceeding them, creating a healthy and safe working environment and producing without harming the environment..

This is why your investment in Dedusting Systems and Clean Air is actually a direct investment you make to perfect your business.

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