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CMS Jant's Choice is Bomaksan!

15 Nis 2021

CMS, which started to produce aluminum alloy wheels for automotive manufacturers (OEM) in 1980, maintains its place as one of the leading wheel manufacturers in the world in the "Light Metal Wheel" sector as the implementer of the latest technology and innovations.  CMS's Pınarbaş

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Dust Collection System from Bomaksan to Kenya

02 Nis 2021

The choice of dust collection system for the new BATTERY assembly line investments of the Kenya battery manufacturer Related Battery Manufacturers (ABM) was BOMAKSAN. The system, which was carried out by outputting 7 containers of material during the pandemic process and successfully commi

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TRAKYA Casting's Choice is BOMAKSAN

02 Nis 2021

TRAKYA DÖKÜM was established in 1978 as one of the 10 companies of the SOYAK Group. One of Turkey's most established and strong foundry from Thrace CASTING factory, is installed in an area of 220,000 m², it is a closed area of 55,000 square meters. TRAKYA DÖKÜM pro

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Towards Excellence Always with you!

As Bomaksan, we are aware of your desire to do your job perfectly. Perfection means both producing the best quality product, meeting the quality and deadline expectations of your customers and even exceeding them, creating a healthy and safe working environment and producing without harming the environment.

This is why your investment in Dedusting Systems and Clean Air is actually a direct investment you make to perfect your business.

Reliable Partner with 35 Years of Experience!

ECO-Friendly Engineering Solutions.

Solutions for Safe Working Environments

Durable & Sustainable Solutions

Consult Our Clean Air Experts for a More Perfect Production Experience

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Bomaksan; It is a young, dynamic, open to innovation, and environmentally friendly company that has successfully completed all processes from system design to implementation in the HVAC sector since 1986 and has established long-term partne...

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