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  • KNAUF's Choice: BOMAKSAN
    Insulation materials manufacturer and industry leading company KNAUF preferred BOMAKSAN brand PKF series dust collectors in glass fiber dust collection filter systems. The PKF series cartridge filter units, which can be rapidly increased in capacity with its modular structure, continue to be the preferred sector best. BOMAKSAN continues to be the preferred choice, with
  • FERRO Dokum's Choice: BOMAKSAN
    FERRO Döküm has chosen BOMAKSAN brand PKFC model device in its new dust and smoke extraction systems project. The PKFC model filter unit, which occupies less space in the factory with its compact structure, is the preferred choice for FERRO Casting. The PKFC model filter unit, which occupies fewer space thanks to its superior dust, smoke absorption, and filtration technology,
  • ERYAP Group decided BOMAKSAN in Rock Whool Dust Collection System
    ERYAP Group has solved the dust collection system problems of stone wool line in the Hendek factory with Bomaksan brand devices. Within the scope of the project, 2 pieces of Plasma Dust Collection Unit were established within the scope of Dust Collecting System project. ERYAP Group also preferred Bomaksan for its investment in the previous dust collection system and, as a resul